Columbus Blue Jackets vs. LA Kings live blog


Alright, CBJ fans, it’s almost game time, which is the perfect time to introduce our first live blog of the season! While we will give live updates on twitter (@UnionandBlue), here you’ll find a bit more analysis and opinion throughout the game. Hope you have fun checking in! And, if you plan on staying with us for the long haul, just refresh the page every so often! Let’s go Jackets!

The LA Kings broadcast crew is saying that Jonathan Quick is playing better than they’ve seen him in his career. Uh oh, I don’t like that.

1st Period
Puck drop! CBJ’s starting with 55-10-42-38-51.

18:23, 0-0
The Jackets either are playing entirely in the defensive zone or there’s an icing/offside in their offensive zone. Can’t get much going.

18:05, 0-0
FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Matt Greene took offense to Corey Tropp coming across the ice to lay a hard hit on Justin Williams. Greene and Tropp in the box, and somehow CBJ is on the power play.

17:34, 0-0
Scott Hartnell has to be smarter than that. Swung his stick across the Kings bench, and there goes the CBJ power play. 4-on-4. Also – Greene 2 minutes for instigating, and then a 10-minute misconduct.

13:38, 0-0
First media timeout, and we are still scoreless. A lot of back and forth, when the teams aren’t fighting that is. Kings with the better chances early on.

9:27, 0-0
CBJ with a couple takes across the blue line into the offensive zone, but LAK’s sloppy defense pokes it away. It’s funny how sloppy defense looks better than sloppy offense.

5:51, 0-0
Nothing much to talk about. Still a lot of back and forth, and scoring chances coming at a premium. Drew Doughty headed to the box, for interference against Cracknell (FWIW, I didn’t see much. Looked like a clean shove down to me).

5:20, 1-0 CBJ – Tim Erixon Goal!
That power play didn’t last long. Erixon picks up the trash in front, and it was a constant barrage of shots on Quick. Breaks an LAK penalty kill streak of 18. Jackets are the first goal for the first time since Calgary.

END OF THE FIRST PERIOD: Columbus Blue Jackets 1 – Los Angeles Kings 0
Goal – Tim Erixon (PPG), Assists – Scott Hartnell, Ryan Johanson

1st Period Thoughts: Just like the first two games in California, it took a little bit for the Jackets to get their footing under them, but once they did, it was a solid period. The opening few minutes seemed like they had to prove they belonged on the same ice – to prove their dominance, per se – and make sure the Kings knew they could play just as physical as they could. And, while that’s true, the Kings are using their physicalness much more, as well as outshooting the CBJ’s, but the second period is coming, and the Jackets have scored over half their goals in this period. Also on the line – a seven-game winning streak when scoring first.

2nd Period

Puck Drop
Same line that started the game is out there to start the 2nd period, and we are underway!

18:28, 1-0 CBJ
Anisimov goes off for goalie interference, but it’s a missed call from the officials, has he was shoved into Quick by a King. Kings instigating all sorts of shenanigans out there. LAK 0-for-1 already today.

17:18, 1-0 CBJ
Uh-oh. Ryan Johanson is going off for hooking. Now that missed-call on Arty is really going to hurt. 50 seconds of 5-on-3 for the Kings. Cruddy crud crud.

16:56, 1-1 – LA GOAL – Jeff Carter
The absolute worst person to score – Jeff Carter. Poor Bob was just caught completely out of position. Tyler Toffoli and Drew Doughty with the assists. Tie game, LA still on the PP. No even-strength goals so far today.

14:15, 1-1
The Kings have all the momentum, but CBJ is holding their own.

12:32, 1-1
The Jackets are getting some of that momentum back, firing great shots off, but Quick is as Quick does. Wonder if this is how other teams feel when they face Bob? Also – Bob hasn’t been much of a factor. A lot of that is credit to the boys in front of him, who are taking a majority of the pressure and keeping the puck out of the zone.

12:01, 1-1
Kings are going to be shorthanded, as Jake Muzzin tripped Foligno. Even with CBJ eyes, that’s a questionable call at best. I guess a makeup for the interference earlier?  Either way, CBJ POWER PLAY!

10:00, 1-1
Not a fantastic power play. Great kill by LA, keeping CBJ without a shot. Jackets just couldn’t keep the puck in the Kings’ zone.

4:59, 1-1
The intensity, especially on that last shift, has really picked up. The Kings have become physical again, especially along the boards, and the Jackets are responding nicely. Quick is doing some great things between the pipes, and when he isn’t caught out of position, is doing pretty well himself. But I know none of you are surprised.

3:30 – 2-1 LAK – LA GOAL – Tyler Toffoli
I’ve been feeling like it’s been coming, and it finally came. Toffoli just made a beautiful shot, right under the cross bar, to beat Bob and give the Kings their first lead of the game. Momentum has been building ever since the 5-on-3. The Jackets allowed LA to get set up on offense, and paid the price.

1:28 – 3-1 LAK – LA GOAL – Dwight King
A two goal lead is the most dangerous in hockey, right? Good, cause that’s what the Kings have (which, by the way, isn’t good). Just confusion up front by the CBJ defense allowed King to whiff on a dropping puck, settle it, and bury it.

:56 – 3-2 LAK – CBJ GOAL – Mark Letestu
There’s a good start! The Kings and their crowd are excited, but Letestu pulls back to within one. So many goals! A real boring period just got really interesting.

2nd Period Thoughts: A pretty boring period until the last three minutes when the scoring started. That goal from Letestu is HUGE in terms of momentum for the 3rd period. The Staples Center was rockin, but that goal nearly silenced the crowd. If the Jackets want the best chance to claw their way back into it, they’ll get a goal out of the gate in the 3rd and play an even period the rest of the way. Quick has been doing great things for LA, but shots still have to keep being fired. One’s bound to go in, right?

3rd Period

Puck Drop
Guess what…same line out there to begin the third period. Lets. Go. Jackets. WHOOOOO

13:26, 3-2 LAK
A quickly moving period, with not a lot happening. Sooo….

11:34, 3-2 LAK
Uh-oh, Foligno is down. And not moving much other than his legs. The stretcher is being brought out. Trainers from both teams are attending to him. Eerily quiet in Staples Center.
Kings broadcast crew saying the play was very innocent looking; no harmful intent. Foligno was taken to the boards and ridden by Jeff Carter, who then hit his head into the linesman sitting on the boards in front of the Kings bench. Scary, scary scene.
Foligno has been carted off, and the Kings and CBJ players alike clap by banging their sticks on the ice/boards. Also, a nice ovation from the Kings crowd.
And back to hockey.

11:11 – 3-2 LAK
Wisnewski sends the puck over the glass, and goes off for delay of game Los Angeles power play.

9:11 – 3-2 LAK
CBJ kills the power play, and the PK looked really really good. A lot of clearing the puck. Jackets with a chance immediately out of the PK as well.