Columbus Blue Jackets Fans Must Keep Up Excitement


The Columbus Blue Jackets seemed to gain steam near the end of last season. So did the fans. Thanks to fan group “CBJ Artillery,” the “We are the 5th line” movement was born. Once out there, the movement caught wind and spread like wildfire. No longer was it just within the confines of Nationwide Arena, or even Columbus. The state, the entire NHL took notice. Columbus was regarded as the loudest NHL building during the playoffs, and rightfully so. This article is meant as a reminder:

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It doesn’t have to end.

The only unfortunate thing about the movement was that it was born so late in the season and thus was cut short when the Blue Jackets fell after six games to Pittsburgh. The excitement for Columbus Blue Jackets hockey has only grown this off season, with the trade that brought over Scott Hartnell. A rise in season tickets holders proves that much.

It seems, though, these movements tend to shuffle along and die out. We can’t let that happen. I’m not saying Columbus needs a gimmick to sell tickets. Winning does that. Passion does that. Star players like Sergei Bobrovsky, Brandon Dubinsky, and Ryan Johansen do that. What we need to keep alive is what the movement stood for: excitement.

Opening night will be sold out, no question, no doubts. In fact, I’d venture to say every game featuring New York, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and probably Philadelphia will bring Nationwide Arena close to capacity crowd. That’s not what’s in doubt. What I’m trying to express is that feeling when you’re standing, screaming for your city with 20,000 people you know you’d go to war with, you’d go to war for, doesn’t have to end because we’re playing a Western conference team, or a basement dweller.

The 5th line movement has to endure. Columbus fans have to pack the arena. But it’s not just about showing. It’s about being heard. It’s about cheering, supporting when your team is down 3-0 in the first period to the Penguins. Because who knows if they will chip away, tying it late and winning it in overtime. I’ll venture to say that without the constant support, game 4 would have ended up 4-1, Pittsburgh.

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I know you can’t “get up” for every game. Afternoon affairs with Florida don’t exactly have me painting my face. Not every game is a playoff game, I get it. But that doesn’t mean we have to wait until the playoffs to have that kind of atmosphere. Blue Jackets fans, do not wait until April to show your excitement! Want to show the NHL that we are, in fact, the 5th line? Want to prove it? Okay, prove it.