We are the Columbus Blue Jackets

Fandom goes beyond rationale sometimes. In fact, it’s usually intensely personal. People invest emotionally in their teams, their cities. There’s a distinct identity aspect to fandom, one that’s always intrigued me. You don’t just root for your team. You don’t just root for your city. You are your city.

Credit: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Fansided sports network is a unique blogging site. We aren’t experts. I know I’m not. I don’t have sources. We’re just a bunch of fans, gathered together to share our passion with one another. I’ve often heard from sports reporters that you lose your fandom over the years, that it becomes just a job.

Fansided writers are the exact opposite.

The more I write about the Columbus Blue Jackets, the more passionate I get. Columbus isn’t just another city. It’s my city. I am Columbus. We are all Columbus. We are one, represented by a team. The Blue Jackets go onto the ice every night to represent a city full of people with dreams, fears, passions, and life. We aren’t just fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

We are the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The players skate and fight and score and save and win for all of Columbus, every person, every soul. The fans in this city are united under one team. This isn’t New York. The Yankees play for one part of New York, just a section. The Cubs play for one section of Chicago. They don’t play for the entire city. The Blue Jackets do.

When the puck drops in 80 days, Brandon Dubinsky and the Columbus Blue Jackets will take the ice to battle for their city. They will defend Columbus like the fans do. Because there is no separation. There isn’t a city and fans and a team. We are all one.

We are Columbus. We are the Blue Jackets.