Fan Poll: Should the Columbus Blue Jackets Name A Captain?


In the roughly 720 days since Rick Nash‘s departure from the Columbus Blue Jackets, the team has fared pretty well. They missed the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs via a disappointing tie-breaker, and then proceeded to record the best season in franchise history.

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Following the club’s first- and second-ever playoff win, there seems to be a core group of leadership emerging. Brandon Dubinsky has been a leader for the club since his trade from New York, and has stood out in more ways than one. He’s never afraid to stand up for his teammates, and scores clutch goals when they need him the most. Dubinsky’s recent contract extension lead many (including me) to believe he is being considered for the captaincy (you can read that article here).

There are other leaders on the team, like Jack Johnson. Johnson had a rough season, but he came to in the Playoffs, leading the team in goals and points during their brief Playoff run. A captain, though, needs to be present and productive all season long. Does Johnson’s play warrant the honor of captain?

Despite these leaders helping to rally the team, there is an argument to be made against naming a captain. The Jackets have recently developed an identity as a young group of guys who will go out and give their all every night. A group like that tends to rely on everyone to carry the team through the season, not just one star. It worked well this season, so why not keep it going?

When Nash played for the Jackets, he set almost every franchise record there is. There aren’t any players on the team right now who stand out as an obvious All-Star team leader. Perhaps the club is waiting for someone like that to rise up from the considerable depth of the franchise. The problem is, what if no one does? What if there isn’t one best player? Should there still be a captain, or should they just let the guys all work as a team without a clear leader? These are all questions the Jackets management will have to answer before they make any moves on the captaincy situation.

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One thing is for certain: if the Jackets management have any plans to name a captain any time soon, they aren’t saying anything. GM

Jarmo Kekalainen

has been known to play his cards close to his chest, and little is ever known about what he wants to do before he does it. So, what do you think? Should the Jackets name a captain in the near future? Or is it better to wait? Vote in the fan poll and be sure to leave a comment below!