Top 5 Columbus Blue Jackets Games in 2014-15

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Credit: Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Friday, April 10: Buffalo Sabres @ Columbus Blue Jackets

April 10th is the last regular season home game for the Jackets’ 2014-15 season. If all goes well they will already be in the Playoffs, and this game won’t have to be a send-off. It is the second-last game of the regular season, and hopefully the Jackets have already clinched a spot.

The home game after the Jackets clinch a playoff spot will likely be the most well-attended and craziest game of the season, as the fans look forward to the post-season. This season, the Jackets last home game of the regular season was prior to their playoff clinch, and it was still awesome. The fans were amazing, cheering their team on in hopes of being able to return to nationwide Arena before next season. Imagine if they already knew the Jackets would be in the playoffs. It would be amazing.

I realize this might be a bit optimistic, although I hope it isn’t. If the Jackets don’t make the playoffs, this game will be the home send-off, which is always a sad moment, but one worth seeing. It is the moment when the fans recognize the players for their effort all season, and the players in turn recognize their 5th line for their loyalty all year. It’s a great moment.

No matter the outcome of the season, the last regular season home game will be one worth seeing.