Top 5 Columbus Blue Jackets Games in 2014-15

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Credit: Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday, December 31: Minnesota Wild @ Columbus Blue Jackets

Although the Wild aren’t even conference rivals any more, the New Years Eve game is always one to look forward to. The Jackets had a home game on New Year’s Eve every since I can remember, but last year they were sadly lacking one. The Jackets were on the road for the majority of December 2013 and early January 2014, and New Year’s Eve was no exception. They were on the road in Phoenix last year, so they didn’t get a home game to celebrate the New Year.

But it’s back this year! Having a game on New Year’s Eve at home will bring back the old tradition (at least for me) of going to the arena to watch the game and staying afterward for fireworks and celebration. I’d expect there to be a good turnout for this game, and hopefully the Jackets will give us a good show to ring in the New Year.