Top 5 Columbus Blue Jackets Games in 2014-15

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Credit: Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Opening Night: Saturday, October 11 vs. New York Rangers

The first and last time Rick Nash came back to Nationwide Arena was one of the most exciting, contentious hockey games I’ve been to. Nash received a decent welcome back, a mix of cheers and boos. That was to be expected. What no one saw coming was the “fight” between Nash and goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky. Bobrovsky hit Nash’s stick, and Nash retaliated, hitting Bob in the face. It broke out into an all-out fight, and the crowd went crazy.

After that, Nash received all boos every time he hit the ice, and the crowd was wild. Sadly, the Jackets didn’t get to play the Rangers in Nationwide again. All that to say, when the Rangers come to town on October 11th, expect a good turnout, a crazy crowd, and probably an angry goalie.

Opening night is always a good time with a good turnout and an awesome 5th line, but this year’s is set to be even better. The Jackets and Rangers are well on their way to an all-out rivalry, and this game might seal that fate for years to come.