Gut Punch Cup: Rangers Vs. Kings


Nobody ever said being a Columbus Blue Jacket fan is easy, although this season was pretty darn fun, yet again at the end of the season comes the annual gut punch. This time in the form of a Stanley Cup Final between the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings. The Rangers possess two creeps on their roster in the form of Rick Nash and Derick Brassard, while the Kings have the leader of the creeps in the form of Jeff Carter. So I ask you Blue Jacket fans, what would be more of a gut punch, seeing Carter get his second day with the cup or having Nash and Brassard get their first?

Jun 7, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick (32) makes a save while avoiding a collision with New York Rangers left wing Rick Nash (61) in the first overtime period during game two of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

My skin crawls as I type the words, but I have found myself rooting for the Kings, maybe it is because they have one creep and the Rangers have two(that’s just simple math). It could be the fact that Nash and Brassard quit on the Blue Jackets, some say Carter quit as well, I say he never began to try. It might be because Nash was OUR captain, and Brassard showed so much promise in his rookie season, but went through the motions after his injury. Possibly it’s the fact that I would like the Blue Jackets to win a cup before Nash and Brassard, and that possibility doesn’t exist with Carter. I would rather see the NHL have another lockout to end the season before either team got to hoist Sir Stanley’s Cup, that however is not going to happen either.

Both teams have a player I can root for, Derek Dorsett for the Rangers and Marian Gaborik for the Kings. Two former Columbus Blue Jackets, each who have a found place in my heart, Dorsett obviously holds the bigger piece. Which makes my reasoning for disliking the Kings just a tad bit less than the Rangers that much more complexing. It is almost as if it is a dead heat of despise, and I had to let my instincts take over and choose who I could tolerate winning more. I even tried not to watch the Cup finals, which lasted until the puck dropped for game 1. Darn you playoff hockey for being so gosh darn fun to watch, even when you loathe each team participating.

Honestly, I can not explain my reasoning for the pick, all I know is when this series is over it is going to be a gut punch to me, and I have a feeling a lot of Columbus Blue Jacket fans will feel the same. So here is to hoping that this is all just a dream or nightmare and we can wake up on April 28th and get to watch the Blue Jackets push the Pittsburgh Penguins to a 7th game. Fingers crossed.