2014 Olympic Games – Momentum Killer?

The Columbus Blue Jackets have won 9 of 11 games this month. That’s as hot as any team in the NHL has been this season. They just had an 8 game winning streak, longest in club history, and have moved up in the standings from 13th with 40 points on January 4th to 8th place with 52 points as of January 26th.

However, The Jackets have 7 games left before the 2014 Olympic Games break, which lasts 20 days. The club will last play on February 7th, then won’t play again until February 20th. In my opinion, the timing stinks.

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

How many times have we seen the Wild Card team in the NFL beat the team that enjoyed the Bye week? Or how about our own Ohio State Buckeyes?  They seem to traditionally have problems in the bowl games. Is this because of the long layoff after the Big 10 Championship game until the bowl game?  I can’t help but think it has some effect on the players.

I think the Olympic Games are a wonderful thing, and the hockey that’s played during the games is NHL quality to be sure. I just wish the games had taken place earlier in the year, not when the Jackets have so much momentum going for them.