I was THERE, Were you?



May 18, was a beautiful spring day. The temperature was moderate, there was no wind and the sun was shining. And R J Umberger signed autographs for an hour in front of

Nationwide arena. To be honest, the crowd was not huge. It was lunchtime. Hot dogs, chips and drinks were $1. Some people were there for the food only. The plaza was busy, the DJ played music. It was just a great day to be outside and RJ just made it a bonus.

I ran into Allison from “Heart of a Jacket” and she has moved and I found out that now there is a new Blue Jacket blog The Union Blue.com so a big welcome to the new Blue Jacket blog, which has been on line about 2 weeks.

An added bonus was a tour of the Jackets locker room and facilities. If you have ever seen “the room” in a TV shot, it looks just the same, but it is truly amazing how small it is. You can see from the “locker” shot that equipment will quickly fill the space.







If you weren’t there, sorry you missed it. I was told they plan on another next month. Catch it.

and remember – WE WANT THE CUP