Game 69 + Enforcer VS Skill??


Just a coupla updates
[1] According to the calculations, even with the 2 losses to the Blues, the Jackets will still win 29 games.
[2[ The Jackets had 2 “enforcers” on the ice last nite. Result, STUPID penalties. J Boll’s first penalty was senseless.   I am not even a fan of the majority of the fights the “thug” aspect brings to the game. InThe Cannon they report of a thug’s attack on the Springfield Falcons goalie. Would the Jackets have won either of the 2 games with the Blues if they had a little more talent in the line up and a little less enforcer? We’ll never know. Is it necessary to have a “enforcer” specialist in the line up against certain teams? I hope not, that would be an indictment against the NHL’s plan/policy of player safety.  I certainly hope the enforcer concept is considered in the Jackets presumed make over. Please note, I carefully said the enforcer fights, I did not say anything about the spontaneous fights/scuffles that happen.

Oh and BTW, The Springfield Falcons got no goals in the issuing 8 minutes of power play following the attack of their goalie. The power play issues are not only at the Blue Jackets level, they are ingrained in the organization. No call up will fix it.

[3] You can say anything you want against Rick Nash, but in the third period I noted a headfirst dive to reach a loose  puck in the Jackets zone that he had lost due to a poke check. This dive and full length stick extension pushed the puck over our blue line and prevented an “own zone” turnover and resulting scoring chance. If he was coasting and didn’t care, you would not have seen an extra effort play like that.