Game 63 and What does Nash want – Does he just want to stop getting Bashed?


First a few comments on game 63, as seen from my Lazy Boy.

The 1st line of Letestu, Atkinson and Prospal looked pretty good. Eh – What you mean that wasn’t the #1 line? Could have fooled me. I thought the line showed energy and was great to watch. The game looked like it was a pick up from the first 2 periods of the Detroit game. Tape to tape passes, defensive responsibility the whole schmere.  And Mason actually looked good. Per his quotes after the game he said he was getting good looks at the puck. Of course our 2 Rusky defensemen lit up the scoreboard and Nikitin in particular looked good. Our new defensive line of Whiz and JJ only had a couple of bad passes and when on defense seem to be responsible. No wonder we won. Accolades are easy when you win!!

Now we come to the big story of the week. Re: Rick Nash. The week started with the NHL trade deadline. Fans were in either [1] trade Nash and let’s move on or [2] please don’t trade Nash, he’s the face of the franchise. Well, as we all know a trade didn’t happen. Then it was reveled that Nash had actually asked for a trade. Now the camps formed: [1] quitter or [2] fire Howson, he made Nash ask to be traded.

If you haven’t figured it out yes, fans have been bashing for years. While many fans will disagree, think about it in this context.  A major knock on the Jackets has been the “country club attitude in the locker room” , the lack of fire etc. Directly or indirectly this goes back to the team leaders. And that my friends is the guy wearing the “C”.

From all we as fans know, Rick Nash is not a gregarious person. [social, genial, outgoing, convivial, companionable, friendly, extroverted.] {{emphasis in the extroverted}} He has tried to lead by example, not rah rah or climb your ass leadership. It hasn’t worked. But he’s the Captain, he is not a quitter, so how does he resolve this? By getting out. Since it didn’t happen, can he be salvaged?  Maybe, but VERY carefully.

My suggestion is to get a “fire and brimstone” captain, ease Nash out of the captain’s responsibility and just let him play hockey