Increasing Assets [Players whose value have gone up]


As we approach the deadline for trades and of course an open season this summer, I thought it might be interesting to recount which players have a value that is higher now then at the start of the year. Only players at the Blue Jacket club level are considered. I am not saying these players should be traded , what I am trying to project is that these players have increased in value. If they should be traded, the Jackets would get more now then at the start of the year.

In this disastrous year, it great that there are actually some players whose value have gone up. [That is in my estimation, but I am trying to view this as other teams in the league might.] The players not mentioned below have either decreased in value or stayed the same as the start of the year. An example would be Ryan Johansen, he was viewed as a good prospect and is still viewed as a good prospect. developing, but still a rookie and about the same value.

MY listing:

John Moore- At the start of the year he was viewed as a disappointment and sent to Springfield. Most people had expected him to develop faster and there was concern that he might not ever develop.  Currently he is playing well, although still learning.

Aaron Johnson- Aaron would be considered a journeyman minor leaguer. He has actually played a lot of games at the NHL level, but he was still not viewed as NHL grade material. He would be a questionable trade for most teams, but he has shown to be better than advertized.

Nikita Nikitin- Traded as a kinda border line or questionable acquisition. Nikita has blossomed a bit. He may still be somewhat questionable for the long haul , as most teams would like to know what his consistent level of play is, but he has shown more value than expected.

Ryan Russell- Again a rather newbe, but is showing promise. His speed was somewhat known, but he has shown good improvement now that he has a chance to play. Again, the jury is out, but his value has gone up.

Mark Letestu- Tough to gauge since he is injured. He has looked fairly good on a poorly performing Blue Jacket team.  Since he has been more or less” show cased” in Columbus, rather than hidden in Pittsburgh, his value has gone up. Another player that needs to convince the rest of the league what his performance level is, but his value has gone up.

Brett Lebda- Since he was a NHL player out of work at the beginning of the season and was signed to Springfield, just being back at the NHL level should increase his value. He has only played 2 games, so who knows, but he is at the NHL level on the worst team in the NHL.

Colton Gillies- Recent wavier pick up, and too soon to really know what he can do. I am going with what I suspect is Todd Richard’s [his previous coach at Minnesota] assessment and think he is increasing in value, but that is surely a guess.

Curtis Sanford- A reclaim project as it turns out. As the #1 goalie on the 30th place team rather than playing at the AHL level, his value is up, although probably to another team as a back up goalie.

Derek Dorsett- Derek is having his best year ever. Therefore his value is up. I think he needs to control his penalties some but his energy level is extremely high. It is possible he has turned a corner in his career. Definitely a more valued player.