Bang for your Buck

If I asked most fans “who leads the Blue Jackets in hits?” I think I could get a lot of answers, many would probably say ” Derek Dorsett, and you’d be wrong the leader is Derek MacKenzie. The fact that “D Mac” is a + 7 is pretty well published, but I frankly was surprised that he leads the club in hits. BOTH these statistics are huge surprises because of where he plays. He plays on the 4th line and the PK. This is not conducive to the leadership in these categories because [A] The 4th line sees little ice time. and [B] He  plays against a line that is designed to take advantage of man power and score goals.

After D Mac scored his goal Sunday I thought I should write a piece about him as he has always been a favorite energy player of myself.  I love to watch him play. He is always harassing the opposition and was a leader in the PK against the Blues when the Blues spent most of their power play in their own zone as the Jackets hemmed them in. This is not a 1 year aberration. We saw the same performance last year when he surprised everyone and made the roster as a regular. In fact last year when Derek Bassard was injured, he even played center for the 1st and 2nd lines. He has a very active stick and is definitely high energy. All this from a player who is 30 years old [he was drafted in 1999 by Atlanta in the 5th round{128th}]

At a salary of $600,000/year with 87 hits, he is definitely a good bang for your buck!