The Jackets – is there a “force” inside their heads?

The Classic symbol
  So after playing on of their best games of the season vs one of the NHL’s better teams, Vancouver, the Jackets turned pretty “not-so-good” against a team that is struggling so much they just fired their coach. The tape to tape passes simply dissipated, and they were back on their heels all nite, waiting the King’s rush,. The jump in their step was on a 3 second delay. It was almost like Tuesday they were a patchwork team and had something to prove, but against the Kings they were back to a “normal” and just played. You can’t fault Stanford who was in goal. 41 shots against, 2 got in [one of which was highly suspect as Sanford was definitely interfered with] and even so, 95% saves. In front of the net, the Jackets were blocking shots like they meant it. But the point is, they had let the Kings make the zone and take a shot. This was not the case against Vancouver. Why are the Jackets such a seesaw performing team?
YIN YANG –  From Wikipedia, but paraphrased   Yin yang are not opposing forces (dualities like good and evil), but complementary opposites that interact within a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system. Everything has both yin and yang aspects as light cannot exist without darkness and vice-versa, but either of these aspects may manifest more strongly in particular objects, SUCH AS THE BLUE JACKETS  and may ebb or flow over time.

Does this sound like there is a demon that needs to be cast out before they can go forward? Maybe. Does this team have a self fulfilling prophecy to not succeed? Sure looks like it. I am more that a little tired of hearing “we just can’t put it all together” or phrases like “building chemistry”.The dark side of the force overcomes the good side. How else can you explain how a whole team suddenly has concrete in their skates except by the dark side of the force overcoming.  I understand that this season is not unique in the annals of the Blue Jackets. I understand that this force appears to follow them both at home and away. What I and everyone else does not understand is, WHY?

We need a Jedi Knight to overcome the dark side of the force. That Jedi might wear the mask of a player or a coach, but he will have the power to sense the dark side and drive it back. On the positive side, I can see the skills of the new players starting to surface. I can see a lot better team than was on the ice at the start of the season. But the performance inconsistency is killing us. If everyone will just concentrate and send a mental call into the eather, perhaps a Jedi will respond. He probably will not be carrying a light sabre, but he will have the power of the force to overcome the dark side.   1—-2—–3—–concentrate—–Help we need a Jedi—- Help we need a Jedi—-Help we need a Jedi