Questions For A GM And Coach

Tonight the Jackets are back in action against the Canucks. Thank you NHL schedule maker, nothing like a Stanley Cup finals back-to-back to help a team. After Saturday’s game and injuries against the Bruins there have been a few moves that have me scratching my head. I would love to ask the Scotts directly for some answers, but I don’t think that is going to happen. Here goes:

1. The injury to Derek Dorsett is not as bad as it looked, but he is going to miss at least tonight’s game. On emergency recall is Dane Byers, who reports to be physical player in the Dorsett fashion. Other than that there is no good reason for bringing Byers up. For a team that has been struggling to score enough goals to win there are other, better options in Springfield. My choice would have been Cam Atkinson, but arguments could have been made for a couple of others. Whoever gets called up plays tonight, missing one game in Springfield, but could be sent back well before the Falcons next game on Friday. I would like to know who chose this player and why. It could be very telling of what is going on behind the scenes amongst management.

2. Question 2 comes from Steve Mason finally getting between the pipes. No question that it is time, Sanford looks like he needs a rest and is not nearly as crisp as he was. Plus, as an organization the Jackets need to see if Mason can put his struggles behind him or if he really does need a change in scenery. My problem comes from Coach Arniel’s response to the question of why this game: “Why not?” You’ll pardon me if that is not coaching wisdom that inspires the ages. Does Arniel have a plan, a long term strategy, or is he just throwing stuff out there and hoping something saves his bacon?