Answering The Call…

My emotions got the better of me over the weekend.  I was wrapped in my CBJ flag and surrounded by like-minded friends.  There was a Call to Arms.  There was a fantastic film and lots of um…drink.  I laughed with a few of my pals and hugged several men for the hell of it.  I got a tattoo.  Then I did it.

I joined the Army.

Card-Carrying Member of The Arch City Army

Everyone cheered and patted me on the back as I walked over to my recruiter.  I didn’t think twice.  Mr. Mary wasn’t there to stop me and I signed my contract with a Sharpie.  I handed over $20.00 and they handed me a scarf.  I was told my card would be in the mail in a few days, and I was part of the Army now.  The Arch City Army.  A really cute fella took my picture and then I went back to my table and thought about my dedication to the Union Blue.

My pledge went something like this:

I promise to eat Donatos Pizza and have at least one Stinger donut, the official snacks of The Columbus Blue Jackets.  I promise to never take Rick Nash’s name in vain and not only wear my flag but carry it.  I will not mention Boomer again.  Nationwide Arena is Our House…I will protect it from the local doubters, nay-sayers and idiots in-general and defend it from visiting fans as well.  I will secure gear for the regular season.  I will scream Leo’s name with pride and always hate Adam Foote.

I’m in the Army now.

Tried and True Union Blue…