After They’ve Been Traded: Wear The Jersey Or Polish The Furniture With It…

Let’s talk about gear.  Spirit gear.

All Twitter was a-buzz when Carter and Wisniewski jerseys hit Nationwide Arena.  But I’m wondering what happens to the loads of Voracek sweaters…I was at Nationwide right after Klesla was traded and it made things even sadder that his jerseys were moved over to a “special” rack.  All of Commie’s stuff was on clearance.

(google image)

I have to think of Flyers fans…imagine how much Carter stuff is (still) around and how hard it will be to see his name in Union Blue.  It still makes me cringe to see Rusty Klesla in anything but CBJ.  I don’t need a lecture about what a team needs or what players need and trades happen for a reason…yeah…got it.  I know.  But the business end of hockey (any sport, really) makes it feel a bit harsh and makes me feel crummy.

Every NHLer Looks Better In Our Colors. Fire That Cannon, Fellas... (bleacher report pic)

These jerseys are expensive.  A fan buys the specific sweater for a reason…it would be sure hate it for everyone if I paid nearly $100 bucks or more for something with a player’s name on it and suddenly he isn’t a Jacket anymore…I’m wearing it anyway.  And sometimes, the nostalgia and fondness takes over…I can’t tell you how many Malhotra jerseys I still see around the arena at home games…

So, with all the changes up that happen so frequently in the NHL and more specifically to my team of late, I’m just wondering where all the jerseys go?  Where all the silly bike license plates and coffee mugs and hats and trinkets go.

There must be some Land of Misfit Jerseys and NHL bricka-brack.  The whole thing seems wildly cheap and expensive all at once.

When I get my jersey, I’m gonna save myself the heartache of a possible trade situation or something like that by being a bit proactive:  I’m gonna have my own name put on the back.

“O’MALLEY”  and I figure with my kid being a CBJ prospect in 12 years, I’m way ahead…unless the stinking Red Wings pick him up…