Well, look.  It’s gonna be different this season.  Twitter nation lit up last night with all sorts of comments about our newest Jackets, and how much they wanted to be here in Columbus or maybe how little they wanted to be here.

I wish I could bottle up some of this energy…

Carter Looks Great In Union Blue. He'll Play Well In It, Too (getty images)

If you look at the pictures, the first thing you’ll notice are two blonde guys.  Smirks and “I’m up to something” expressions equally the same.  Well, this will be new…

Blonde dudes? We’ve got them…Dorsett, Methot.  But the dudes with ‘tude is a bit different for The Jackets.  I’m not sure I’m ready for that.  A friend of mine on Twitter sent me a message and said “You’re gonna love Wisniewski and you’re gonna hate him”  and about Carter…more than one person said he’s a great player but a pain in the arse.  This makes me a bit concerned.  One thing I love about the Jackets?  No drama (at least that we as fans can see) and seriously what’s not to like about this team? Nobody making waves or acting like big jerks or running naked around the Short North.  Well, that last one I would forgive.

We’re still a few months out from the start of the season…it just seems different already.  Not that this is a bad thing…I’m just not used to it, at least not with the Jackets.

Why do we want to neuter this team?  So we have a bit of edginess now…so there’s a bit of vinegar to those blonde bad-boys?  Well…maybe that’s just exactly what they need.  One of my old aunts used to say “Every salad needs a bit of vinegar to make it great” and maybe this is what she meant.

I could tell it seemed a bit tense at the interviews with our newest last night.  Some people wondered aloud if their hearts were in this…and my only response to that is…

I’m not sure that my heart is in this. But they’ve signed contracts so they’ll need to get the hell over it and that right soon. They’re Jackets now and I’m a fan.  We’ll all adjust.  Just bottle the energy and sharp little quips and uncork it during season.