The Only Thing “Blue Jacket” I Never Want To See Again…

Anyone who knows me knows I love a great cause or philanthropy.

I appreciate the effort of many of the groups or teams out there that support something important.  All thru this season, I’ve mentioned a few different things the Blue Jackets have done for the community.  The Lady Blue Jackets worked on the Ronald McDonald house recently.  They have the Black Tie Gala every year, just to name a few.

Children's Hospital Family Resource Center (Blue Jackets photo)

There’s also a room at Children’s Hospital in Columbus where parents of sick kids can go for a bit of a break…a respite, if you will.  This room is decorated in Union Blue from floor to ceiling.  I have been spending more time at Children’s lately than any parent wants to these last 4-5 months and a few weeks ago, I found myself in the “Blue Jacket” room not as a curious blogger but as a frightened, worn-out parent looking for a  bit of a pleasant distraction if only for a minute or two.

Well, it worked.  For a bit…my daughter and I talked about hockey and the Blue Jackets instead of our situation.  Instead of feeling helpless and alone, we remembered happier things like home games and the time we made Jumbo-tron.  For a bit, we laughed and looked at memorabilia and pictures and learned more CBJ history.

I’m sure there are “rooms” like this in all major cities sponsored by pro sports teams, NHL or otherwise.  In my opinion, this is one of the better efforts for the community.  I’ve always thought so, now I really know.

We’re doing better around here.  We’re gonna be OK.  Even with her diagnosis and the news, we got lucky.  It could’ve been much, much worse and we know that.  I also know, that some parents don’t have this kind of luck.  And thank heaven (and the Blue Jackets Foundation) that there is a respite room…a distraction for burdened parents to go if just for a little while.

I hope I never see it again.

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