What’s Wrong With This Picture?

October, you are so far away…

So, it’s full-on summertime and I’m wishing it away thinking about hockey, The Blue Jackets, chili and screaming “Leo!” before the national anthem…

And yes, I really do that at home.  I even do it before the anthem when the game is somewhere else and the singer is someone other than Leo.  It’s all part of being Union Blue.

My Compatriot, Joe and His Friends At A Photo Shoot At The R-Bar (Joe Reader/Ryan Swain pic)

Well, so I’ll explain the photos.  One is of my pal and co-writer, Joe Reader and some buddies of his at the R-Bar. This was a photo shoot for something (I didn’t ask…I just saw the jerseys…one track mind.  Always on pucking)  and I liked it.

The other is of the newest addition to Fire That Cannon, Stacy Gounaris.  And just look at her hamming it up with those Blue Jackets!  Yes, I’m jealous as hell.  They’re my friends and compatriots…they have jerseys and pictures of Blue Jacket spirit gear and real live Blue Jackets…Hell, even my kid has had a photo with a Jacket.

Yep. That's Stacy, The Newest Additon To FTC. Oh, And Those Are Some Blue Jackets...(Stacy Gounaris pic)

So what’s my problem?  What the heck is the matter with me, you ask?  What’s the problem with this picture…

I’m not in one of them.  I’ve never been in “situation” so to speak.  Never seen a Blue Jacket up close and personal, much less been photographed with one.  I don’t even have a jersey.

Hockey Bucket list #3 and #4…Get some spirit gear and meet a Blue Jacket.

So, while October feels so far away still…and as I eat my heart out being all jealous of my pals and their Union Blue fun, I will make a plan to join Joe and Stacy and even Ethan (who not only met Marc Methot and Stinger, but has scored a few photo ops with Ice Girls…all at the tender age of 6) by getting some spirit gear and having a photo with a Blue Jacket.  I have no idea how or when or what.  The spirit gear is easy, if I wasn’t such a cheap-arse.  The other, well…who knows.  We’ll see.

My Own Kid Gets More Photo Joy Than Me...(O'Malley pic)

Meanwhile, I’ll just continue wallowing in this CBJ jealousy…