Five Hole Fantasy Draft: King Snakes


And again, it’s my turn…The Puma City King Snakes

So what does it take to be a King Snake?  The key word here is “King” so confidence and being comfortable in one’s own skin (pardon that pun) is prerequisite.  All of my choices are handsome, well put-together men that’s for sure.  But fundamental to being on this team is something a bit more ethereal…something deeper.  A hockey player (and a man in general) can wear many things…a nice suit, a flashy uniform or a hockey sweater.  But all that won’t matter if he’s not comfortable and happy with himself.  I don’t care what a man is doing…playing hockey or playing a harmonica…if he’s a master of his own craft and confident…he’s sexy.

I’ve gone to the ECHL for this rotation. It all starts with the eyes…take a look.  These fellas are King Snakes.  Stats? Who cares.  They’re playing pro hockey so they have to be good on some level. 

My Goalie: Riley Gill from The Kalamazoo Wings

My Forward…Justin Bernhardt of the Las Vegas Wranglers.

And my Defenseman…Kevin Roeder from the Cincinnati Cyclones.

And our shameless Fantasy Draft continues…

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