Five Hole Fantasy Draft: Team Den Of Iniquity


Team Den of Iniquity.

Lisa’s Turn…

Since I have to wait for everyone to be picked over, I assume I will be left w/ the scraps.  In some cases that is true, however I feel my picks this week not only rival everyone else’s, but stomp them!  That being said, and without further adieu, I present my 2nd round picks:

In Goal:  Jaroslav Janus.  This 21 year old from Slovakia is absolutely precious!  He is just finished the 2010-’11 season splitting his time between Tampa Bay’s ECHL (FL Everblades) & AHL (NorAds) affiliates.  I was a very happy girl when Norfolk played in Charlotte as it gave me the opportunity to see this bendy tendy in action.  Did I happen to mention he has a great smile & is easy on the eyes?

D-Man:  Zdeno Chara.  The 34 year old big boy comes in at 6’ 9” and only 255lb’s is a big slice of Czech beefcake.  The man won the Stanley Cup last night with the Boston Bruins, what more do I need to say?  Oh and the picture speaks for itself…

Forward:  Nicolas Blanchard.  The 24 year old Quebec native is know, if infamously, for having the most number of missing teeth on the Charlotte Checkers; he’s missing his front upper & lower teeth.  That being said, he is by far the best looking player on the Checkers and he’s not afraid to drop his gloves.  This blue eyed blonde has a thick French-Canadian accent, model looks, and a great personality to boot!

Ice Man:  Rock Hudson.  Well, this is a Fantasy Draft after all, so if Kristina gets to have Sean Connery, I get to have this one!  For this draft, this is Rock Hudson in the day, 1950’s-60’s, and full on Doris Day movie era.  Hollywood doesn’t make ‘em like this anymore!  Rock was the epitome of tall, dark, and sexy.

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