Coffee Is Even Better In Summer…Ask The Blue Jackets


Well, I had a conversation with a good friend the other day.  We were discussing things like work, men, summer…stuff like that.  Then of course the subject rolls around to The Blue Jackets.  My boss has mentioned summer/Blue Jackets as well.  I ought to be (according to every layer of boss I have) be reporting on what our Beloved Union Blue may be doing over the summer. 

This is what I know…

Many Blue Jackets got the hell out of dodge (or Columbus) as fast as a fart makes its way to the back of a car on a road trip.  Some were talking about golf before we were able to turn the heat off.  Others were happily on their way home, several Blue Jackets were participants in the Worlds.

But this is summer…

I know that at least two of the Blue Jackets are still in town.  Jared Boll was a celebrity coffee pourer at Tim Horton’s camp day, and He and Dorsett will be signing autographs and supporting a CFF fundraiser today.  So lots to do on the off-season.  Umby finished up his degree at Ohio State University.

Blue Jacket faithful are ready for the draft, and wait and wonder what changes the summer will hold for the team.  Bob Boughner has already resigned. 

I imagine some of the Jackets going on a bender, eating their weight in ice cream and not using sunscreen for the first few weeks of really hot weather.  I know they have to keep in shape and stay on the conditioning program (and this is where I really wish I knew a few of them so I could ask a million questions).

So here’s what’s still going on for me, summer or not…I still owe Tim from Sabre Noise a tat.  And as much as I verbally abused Tim from Blackhawk Up!, now I’ve worked myself in a position to be abused by of all things….a Sabre writer.  Ugh.  You know, losing that game on Fan Appreciation night really hurt.  I seriously didn’t think they’d lose that one and I will admit freely to acting like a spoiled child…I owe my friend because I lost.  I started it.  The whole damn thing was my idea.  Blue Jacket end of season depression disorder is different from the other NHL team depression disorder.  Trust me…you go a little nuts.

Why haven’t I just done it?  No excuses.  I just don’t want to.  But I have to…a Sabre tat on a Union Blue body…ewwwwwww!!!

Maybe I’ll get a horrible sunburn right after I do this and the Buffalo will sizzle right off of my skin.  Hmmm…this summer is looking up!

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The Five Hole Fantasy Draft continues…Lisa’s selections later today.