Boy, Is It Drafty In Here…More On The Five Hole Fantasy


It’s interesting about this Five Hole Draft.

Seems like an enthusiastic interest is building…maybe even some “copy-cat” drafts…what do they say? Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?  I will only say this: we launched it first, we’ll do it better and nobody (that includes all my pals and fellow FanSided writers ) on this thing will approach this like me.  You want a full-on Fantasy draft, stay tuned.  I mean, good.  Lots of talent to appreciate and discuss.  The NHL deserves attention.

What’s the other saying?  Great minds think alike?  Especially when provoked by a shirtless NHLer?

The Eastern Conference is all but closed…I think there may be one more team to be added.  As for The Western Conference, I’ve got one space open.  The wheeling and dealing has already started.  Trades are already being discussed, as everyone wants the ultimate fantasy team.

Trades, you ask?  Well…sort of.  Trading up.  I gave away two of the greatest team names ever…I expect to be paid for that…thus, I get another early pick.  And, I’ll build my team faster and with piece er, peace…(excuse me) of mind.  You want me to be honest? Fine.  I plan on scooping up who I want like a 4 year old girl scoops up a kitten and nearly smooshes the thing to death…

She doesn’t MEAN to smoosh…but the kitten is just so damn warm and pretty….

Anyway, here’s our Fantasy Draft in a nutshell…

I will be managing the Western Conference along with coaching my own team.  Kristina from Cardiac Cane will be managing the Eastern Conference and coaching a team of her own.  Each conference will have 5 teams.  Coaches will have alternating picks until each team has 20 skaters, 2 (actually, we’re considering changing this to 4) goalies and of course, and Ice Team of 8.  I get the first pick, (and what looks like, even more early picks due to my business finesse…) then Kristina, and so on in the order coaches were signed up…Selections will be made from the NHL or AHL.  Ice Men can be pulled from the lot of men on the planet…

"…Do you have what it takes to be one of my Ice Men?  Contact me and tell me why I should pick you…"

Once the rosters are complete, coaches will decide their lines.  These units will be played during the 2011-2012 season on a weekly basis, Monday-Sunday.  Forwards will earn points based on goals and assists while defensemen get credit for penalty kills and penalty minutes.  Goalies will be tracked by shots on goal and saves, and of course if they have a cool mask.

I made that last thing up…

So, stay tuned.  Where else are you gonna find teams with names like The Puma City King Snakes, The Cougartown Gamecocks and Fildelity Kryptonite?