Live And Let Puck. It All Ends Tonight…


The Sharks won last night and the world is due to end at 6pm tonight.  It wasn’t confirmed if that was Pacific, Central or Bolonia watch time. 

I think we’ve all feared Vancouver this season.  I’ve already told you…I’m cheering on the Sharks.  For now, I’m wearing Teal instead of Union Blue

I mentioned yesterday how I had loads of regrets in my hockey life.  Nobody’s promised a tomorrow, but if I live to puck another day, things are going to be different.  I’m going to puck with reckless abandon and start checking off my Hockey Bucket List.  A week or so back, I asked several of my FanSided friends to tell me what was so their Hockey Bucket List.  If the world doesn’t end tonight, in honor of  life and hockey, I’ll launch the Hockey Bucket List on Monday.

Time for secrets…My own Dad has never been to a Blue Jackets game.  There. I said it.  Sure, he follows along and at least he knows who Nash is, but other than that….

So the world needs to keep on turning so if nothing else, I can convert my Dad.  He’s never had a playoff beard, never screamed “chili” at Nationwide and has no idea why people think Sean Avery is weird.  He appreciates my deep hatred of Adam Foote (please, if you haven’t already, check out the CBJ Foote Book on my dashboard) but doesn’t really get it.  Maybe this is my deepest Hockey regret. Well, Puck.  

"And another thing about my Dad…the last time the end of the world was upon us, I was in college.  I called home to say goodbye, and I could hear the TV in the background and my Mom was fixing dinner, and my Dad yells to Mom, “Tell her to hang up if  she called collect.”  Mom said something about being out of pepper and wasn’t that odd…and Dad was trying to watch the news.  So much for goodbyes.  So, I think I may have said to hell with the report due the next day and went outside and sketched some clouds.  It was sort of a hippy phase…I wonder if anyone has ever told my Dad he has weird kids?"

The off season just does a number on people.  In a collaberative effort with my pal over at Cardiac Cane, we’re hosting our own Fantasy Draft to get us through the summer.  Read all about it, and please keep in mind the key word here is Fantasy…

Introducing The Five Hole Fantasy Draft.  More to…come.

So, let’s hope to puck another day.