The World Is Ending And I’m Full Of Pucking Regret

So, I see that the world will end on Saturday.  What I can’t figure out is will that be 6pm Pacific time or Central?

I’m going to focus specifically on my hockey life right now.  The good things, the not so good and the wishing I had more…

Pucking Regrets…

I wish I would’ve learned to play hockey and found the money and time to play on a league.  The ladies played right after my kid practiced…I could’ve worked that out somehow. 

I never got to see a Teddy Bear Toss live and in person and participate…I’m really blue over this one.  One of the greatest volunteer-do-good-er things gone crazy-big, and I missed it…

Say what you want about the Boob-flasher the other night (Vancouver, Sharks game) but that takes a certain amount of (chutzpah? stones? nerve or stupidity? and um…cup size? ) I got all that.  Where have I been?  A moment of sheer dareful recklessness that didn’t hurt anyone…I needed more of those moments.  I wanted to dress up as the NHL genie since the Jackets came to town…and now the world is ending. 

I didn’t go to a Black Tie Event, the Blue Jackets main philanthropy of the year.  (Money has something to do with this, I understand…but the world is ending.  I may never have been able to go to one of these events. )

The Lake Erie Monsters are only an hour or so away from me…why didn’t I ever catch one of their games?  And I’ve always, always wanted to see The Hershey Bears play. 

I never got to meet Marc Methot

I never ordered the Jesus Saves shirt or Hockey Monkey shirt I wanted forever.

Why didn’t I sit in my underwear and eat cheese and watch NHL on the Fly all day?

That party to mark the beginning of the hockey season? Never planned it.  Why? 

So, here we are.  The world is on the eve of its end and I’m here with all these Pucking Regrets…

If we’re lucky enough to have a reprieve…a do-over (or if it just doesn’t happen) all of  you, my hockey faithful brethren are witness to my epiphany.  I get another chance and my hockey life is gonna be different.  Fuller, happier and no regrets.  Shall I get one more day to puck?

*If you’ve noticed the post is a bit….naked…it’s because the site was having issues.  Could this really be the end?  First the site shuts down then the world?  Oh, why didn’t I go see the Hershey Bears or flash my boobs at some stupid Detroit player whilst I had the chance?*