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Are The Columbus Blue Jackets A Playoff Team?

When you look up and down the roster of the Columbus Blue Jackets, do you feel confident this is a playoff team? There is probably one skill player (Ryan Johansen), and a plethora of plucky blue collar workers. Not to mention a Vezina-winning goalie that will most likely be ridden until death. The blue line is now thin due to injuries, and the trade made to bring in Nick Schultz is a depth move as much as it is a band-aid.
It’s time to look at the team not as a fan, but as an analyst. At this point the CBJ sit at 69 points, 3 points behind 3rd in the Metro. That isn’t a large margin, but a losing streak can make everything seem bleak.  Especially a 5 goal loss to a top team in the league.
Can they close the gap? The Jackets basically stood pat on the deadline. Nick Schultz was a depth move due to injuries on the blue line to Fedor Tyutin and Andrew Murray. The Marian Gaborik deal was inevitable in retrospect. At the same time it’s silly to think Gaborik was making an impact this year. So, with all the moves made and the play so far, are the CBJ gonna make the cut? Ultimately it remains to be seen, but potential is there.They’re gonna ride Bobrovsky and their work ethic to the end. Are you confident?

I’m not so sure I am, but it doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing.  Technically this team is supposed to be in a rebuild.  After a sweet win against Toronto I think we forget the ‘Brick by Brick’ mentality of JD and Jarmo.  This team is young and chock full of work ethic.  I think we get deluded by Jarmo trading Gaborik for picks instead of NHL talent, but in reality we should trust in Jarmo because he’s a scout by nature.  Jarmo will do whats best for the Blue Jackets.

In the mean time for this season, the Jackets are on the cusp.  Theyre in the worst division in the NHL and they should compete for a playoff spot.  I personally believe this is not the year due to the move the Rangers made, but I’d like to be surprised.  Let me know if you disagree.

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