Columbus Blue Jackets Players I Would Have A Beer With

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We like to have some fun here at Union and Blue every once in a while.  I was browsing the internet as I do every Friday when I’m sick and I saw The Score’s A Thorough Look At Which NHL Players Have The Most “Beerability.” I thought I would take a look at the top 5 Blue Jackets players I would want to have a beer with.

A few rules:  
1. Proficiency in English does not factor in, nor does native land.
2. I am judging based on the image that I perceive them as projecting.
3. Skill in hockey does not factor in. 
4. Must not have played in the AHL this season.

Top 5 Columbus Blue Jackets players I would like to have a beer with

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

5. Cam Atkinson

If he weren’t playing hockey, I could see Cam as a frat boy.  He’s a typical New England boy: tan and handsome.  He also likes to fish!  He likes to go to concerts, pretend to be Justin Bieber, and play video games.  I could see Cam and I in a pub somewhere drinking Blue Moon and talking about his workouts with Martin St. Louis

4. Jack Johnson

This all American boy would make a great beer partner.  His prominent cheek bones and odd looking smile make it easy to look at him while he talks about his love for all things M*ch*gan (yuck).  I could see Jack and I tailgating the OSU vs M*ch*gan game with a couple of Bud Lights and some hamburgers.

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