Oct 22, 2013; Columbus, OH, USA; New Jersey Devils defensenman Anton Volchenkov (28) dives for the puck as Columbus Blue Jackets center Brandon Dubinsky (17) stick handles during the second period at Nationwide Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Why Brandon Dubinsky Should NOT Be Captain Of The Columbus Blue Jackets

Last night during the game between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the New Jersey Devils, Brandon Dubinsky attacked Anton Volchenkov on the ice.  Many fans cheered him on and took to Twitter to proclaim Dubi captain.  Brandon Dubinky does not deserve the title of captian.  Not only is he short-tempered, he is careless and impulsive, qualities that do not describe a captain.

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Jared Boll hit Volchenkov and put him on the ice.  During the next shift, Volchenkov retaliated by hitting Brandon Dubinsky cleanly in open ice.  Dubinsky then decided to put Volchenkov in a headlock, take him down to the ice, and continue to punch him in the head while he was on the ice.  Volchenkov ended up with two fingernail scratches on the side of his head from where Dubinsky tried to take his helmet off.  Volchenkov was not injured and Dubinsky only ended up with a 2 minute roughing penalty.

In my opinion, this was a stupid thing for Dubinsky to do.  He was hit cleanly and should not have retaliated with the intensity that he did.  I can understand a shove or a  punch, but this was uncalled for.  The way that he put Volchenkov in a headlock was very dangerous.  What if he had twisted his neck and severely injured him?  Dubinsky also continued to punch Volchenkov in the head while he was on the ice.  This reminds me of when Phil Kessel tried to chop John Scott down like a tree with his stick.  It could severely injure someone and is very unsportsmanlike.

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Why did Dubinsky only receive a two minute minor penalty?  In my opinion, he should have gotten a game misconduct and some sort of disciplinary action.  What if Volchenkov had been injured during the scrum?  Would Dubinsky be facing discipline then?  And what if he had been suspended.  The Columbus Blue Jackets would be missing a crucial piece to the puzzle that seems to be winning games at the moment.  He has 5 points in 9 games and is an integral part of the chemistry on the team.

Why would Dubinsky risk suspension and negatively impacting the team over a clean hit?  Why would he continue to hit Volchenkov when he was already down.  A captain does not do these things.  A captain represents the team and that is not the way the Columbus Blue Jackets should be represented.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Brett Mr Mellow I

    Some would argue that passion is what drives him to be a captain and also some argue it’s what should keep him from the “C”. Personally I believe it shows his passion but it’s something that should be addressed in the future because captain or not that was a dumb play.

    • Lindsay (zinzwCBJ)

      It was a really dumb play. One that a “captain” shouldn’t make.

      • RedStorm45

        See: Chara, Weber, Alfredsson, Dustin Brown…all “great captains” who had a dumb play or two. It’s hockey. Everyone is dumb for a play or two a season.

        • eshircliff

          I personally don’t think that Chara, Weber, and Dustin Brown are great captains. Specifically for the reasons of being noted hot heads.

          • RedStorm45

            You can look at quite a few captains who have made some…bone-headed plays throughout their careers. That was my point is that not all captains are these choir boys who never take dumb penalties.

          • Lindsay Wilson

            Why can’t the CBJ have higher standards?

      • Chris Adams

        I completely disagree, he doesn’t make that play in a tie or one goal game. We had a 2 goal lead and he was standing up for himself and the team. Any good team would do the same. Not dumb in the least and NOBODY on that bench would call it a dumb penalty

  • Jeramy Russell

    Your gonna write a whole story on why Dubi should not be Capitan but you only include 1 minor incident (yes minor incident, minor penalty nothing else) and nothing else? Dubi also had 1g 1a +3. You said it yourself, volchencov acted in retaliation from bolls hit…its a wash. Dubi for CAPTAIN!!!

    • Lindsay (zinzwCBJ)

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion :)

  • RedStorm45


    Dubi is already the pseudo-captain. Read all of the post-game interviews this season. He’s the leader. He also stood up to the opponent and showed the Jackets aren’t going to lay down and take hits. I’m fine with it. Give him the C already.

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  • Jim A

    What a terrible guy! I remember last year the captain of the team I like repeatedly cross-checked a guy until the guy agreed to drop his gloves and then fought the guy. What an embarrassment to the team. When I heard the commissioner say “Jonathan Toews, come get your Stanley Cup” I felt so ashamed. A captain does not do these things.

  • Nick Biss

    You did a good job of explaining why you don’t think Dubi should be captain and I agree with most of your reasoning.

    However, what a captain is supposed to do is not defined. Captains around the league are not bound by any requirements. Jonathan Toews is a completely different player and person than David Backes or Ryan Getzlaf.

    Backes’ role on the team is to be physical and play with a lot of intensity and energy while Toews is known as “Captain Serious”.

    The position of team captain is viewed differently around the league. A majority of the teams in the NHL will name their best player on the team as captain but that isn’t always the case. Some teams name the player who defines their style or desired style of play (identity) while others have a great work ethic, handle the media well, etc. My hope is that the front office in Columbus is taking all of these into account before they name their captain.

    What Dubi did was pretty reckless and I don’t know if I think anybody is ready to be the captain of this team. Personally, I think it’s probably best if they wait and name of their younger stars as captain soon.

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  • Chris Adams

    Spoken like someone that never played the game…Are you kidding me? Suspension?? He didn’t even take off his gloves, he gave him a couple shots with his gloves on. This is a rough sport and, clean or not, he took an open ice run at Dubi and Dubi was letting him, and every other team they play, know that you can’t be taking runs at our team! That’s exactly what’s been missing as a captain since the Lyle Odelin days. I can’t believe you called for a 10 and suspension. Any more articles like this and I won’t be following this page anymore. That’s ridiculous, sounds like a soccer fan wrote this….

  • Chris Adams

    Did you see in Today’s paper the quote about Clarkson and how his teammates felt about him leaving the bench and getting a 10 game suspension? Here’s what our coach said, “You get a lot of respect from your teammates for what he did,” Richards said. “So when a guy who did that is coming back, the players take it
    personally to want him to have success. It becomes an even bigger game for them.”

    It’s similar with what Dubi did, anytime you take a stand for yourself and teammates, every single guy in the room is behind you. That’s what you want in a captain. But if you’ve never been a part of the locker room or hockey team, i can see how you wouldn’t get that…