Opening Night Is More Than Meets The Eye To Jackets Faithful

The fall season is an amazing time in Central Ohio.  The haze of summer begins to fade, the leaves begin to change into a beautiful backdrop of color and everyone just seems to be a little happier.   As time ticks on, there is an electric feeling that grows in the air.  It is a feeling that Blue Jackets fans know all too well.  Opening night is upon us, and a new era is set to begin.

You feel it first thing in the morning.  As the alarm clock blares, you are wide awake and out of bed without a second thought of hitting the snooze button.  As the day continues, it builds, and seems to slow down every clock within your field of vision to a snail’s pace until finally, it is quitting time.  You rush home; proudly throw on your luckiest Jackets gear, grab your crew and go.

Columbus Blue Jackets mascot stinger cheers at Nationwide Arena.
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When you arrive at the Arena District, before you can step out of your car, you are greeted by a sea of Union Blue.  The bars and restaurants that surround the arena are jam-packed full of fans that have been waiting months to cheer their favorite team to victory.  Wherever you go, the buzz is deafening.

There is much more to this atmosphere than meets the eye.  Sure, it is about hockey, but it is also about camaraderie, friendship, celebration and the collective vibe that a mass gathering of Jackets fans always brings to the table.  Perhaps you’ve never been to a Jackets game, and this environment is new for you.  Have no fear, no matter what establishment you choose to visit, there is unofficially guaranteed to be a Jacket Backer there who will bring you right into the fold.

It’s time…and it’s on to the arena.  Making your way within the ebb and flow of the sea of people, you can feel that you are about to be a part of something special.  Drinks are flowing, the smell of popcorn and pizza fills the air and something tells you that at this very moment, somewhere, Dancing Kevin is being painted in red, white and blue.

While making your way to your seats, and the lights shine bright off of the pristine ice, it is like being reunited with an old friend.  As fans trickle into the seats of the sold out arena, there is time for pause as we hear the anthems sung by the one and only “Leo!”

Once the formalities are out of the way, it is time for business.  The Arch City Army is chanting, the cannon is being loaded, Bob is roughing up the crease ice and Stinger is warming up the t-shirt Gatling gun.

#DefendNWA Profile Pic

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This is our city, this is our arena and this is our team.  Months of work during the offseason has culminated at this very moment.  As you stand among the sold out crowd it will be apparent that Columbus is ready to #DefendNWA.

The starting lines make their way on, as the referee stands waiting.  Lining up at center ice, the players start to crowd the line even before everyone is in place.  Patiently, the official waits until he decides it is time.  He holds the puck out over the faceoff circle and…

Where will you be October 4th?

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