Six Reasons Why The Blue Jackets Will Make The Playoffs

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It is no secret that the fan base in Columbus wants nothing more than to have a successful season and to make the playoffs during this upcoming year. I think that is really all we are asking, well that and then ten more years of playoff appearances, in a row. That is not too much to ask is it?

In all honesty though, I would be extremely happy with a playoff appearance this season, even if it means 8th place and getting knocked out in the first round (as long as they make it interesting and get a few wins). I don’t want to be unrealistic though and say that the Blue Jackets are going to make the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup. Not saying that it couldn’t happen, we all know that was proven wrong by a certain team that has a certain player that no one in Columbus likes (saying it as nicely as I can). I will stop rambling now, and give you what you came for…6 Reasons Why The Columbus Blue Jackets Will Make The Playoffs (in no particular order).

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