Lockout Mountain: A Monument to the 2013 Columbus Blue Jackets

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Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Three years ago, Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog ran an off season series known as Mt. Puckmore, where members of the NHL blogging community named the four members of their franchise that they would put on a Mt. Rushmore type monument. How long the particular team has been a member of the NHL determined how difficult of a task this would be. The Blue Jackets Mt. Puckmore was made up of Jody Shelley, Tyler Wright, Rick Nash, and David Vyborny.

Since the Mt. Puckmore series accounted for the entire history of the team, my list would not differ too much from that, and I am sure most Jackets fans would agree. Instead, what I would like to do is assign four members from this past season to a monument for the lockout-shortened 2013 Season. Let’s call it Lockout Mountain (I grew up close to a Lookout Mountain, so I like how that sounds).

I know the original Mt. Puckmore was limited to players only, but I have chosen to not follow that restriction on Lockout Mountain and front office members can also qualify. With the ground rules set, let’s move on to the selections for our monument to the 2013 Blue Jackets.

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