Lockout Day 50- Could it Be? Lockout Ending????

Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

The news is that progress has been made in the NHL vs The Players Association. As some fans say “finally” and others say “so what”, the majority say “fool me once………”. Is progress actually being made? Could we actually see a date for the start of the season soon?

My guess is the lockout could end just as soon as it could have 50 days ago, it will end just as soon as the sides can show that neither has really lost face and they both wanted it to end weeks ago. It probably will end next week.  Frankly I suspect the owners are not going to get all they want, so IF it is settled, we will have a rerun in the future.

If it does not end next week,…………… well, I’m starting to enjoy AHL hockey.

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