Lockout Day 27- Skirmishes and ....Thanksgiving?

If we consider the “Battle” is at the NHL level, then at the lower levels they must be “skirmishes”. Hence a lot of the lower level hockey reports will be presented as skirmishes. But then, is it really lower level if it is “what is going on” on this side of the ocean?

10-9 -12  I was caught short by the headline Gens Win Thanksgiving Overtime Thriller. Then it dawned on me, this is Canada, it’s their Thanksgiving [2nd Monday in Oct] Closely following Junior & minor league hockey is a whole new world for me. The Generals won 4-3 in overtime.  And yes, Boone Jenner got another goal, his 8th.

The article in the HUB post relative to the minor league players not only having to learn Pro hockey, but learning to grow up as well almost makes you remember how young some of these players are. Read AFL on steroids.



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