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Grapeshots 8-14-12

Re Contract negotiations:– I’m not a believer in people outside the situation trying to get involved, but I was thinking the Owners/Players contract is of such huge importance to both the Blue Jackets and the City of Columbus, that perhaps the Mayor should get involved { NOW}  just a little bit [ making his political hay I know] By sending an official request to both parties not to loose even the starts of practice and preseason over the contract negotiations.  It’s a start on outside parties trying to put pressure on to accomplish something before the 11th hour.  Hopefully it’s just posturing on the part of both parties, but I hate to say it, but I’m smelling a problem, and it bodes an ill wind for we the fans.

Over at The Union Blue The Coach has another great post, Top 25 Blue Jackets Under 25 (And a Look at NHLE) catch it on The Hub or at the link. As part of the post, his evaluation of 2 of the players, Ryan Johansen and John Moore, caused me to think just a little. Both these players had a stressful season last year. Johansen played up and down the lines and mostly out of his normal position for most of the year as a 19 year old rookie. More played under the duress of having almost everyone who played defense as a partner one time or another and much of the time, a defensive core who was bandaded together for the game.

How much did the adverse conditions of 201-2012 hurt their development? Or did it actually help them? Time will ultimately tell. Much has been written in the past about the Blue Jackets rushing prospects to the NHL. John Moore maybe was not rushed so much into the NHL as he was rushed into such a fluid position as he had to feel a little confused almost every nite. And yet, he played responsibly.

Ryan Johansen had to be frustrated as his early success in the season’s start then plateaued into a pretty dry spell as far as scoring and accomplishment.

We Want the Cup

We Want the Cup



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