Grapeshots - 4/23/12

Time for a little catch up in the odds n ends department.

One good thing about the jackets not still playing is M Arace has moved on to other things with his negative comments. He’ll be back, but it’s nice not to have crap raining down all the time.

The R Torres 25 game suspension does not make the NFL punitive system “all better”. The system cries for consistency.  I as I think everyone else realize it’s a TOUGH call in many cases. With very few black/white incidents. The enforcer has to make judgements on the intent, what was going though the players mind. And he has to keep in mind what actually happened. Bad intentions, good results and bad results good intentions.

Brendan Shanahan, VP of player safety has a position that is at best a lighting rod for criticism. He cannot win and his explanations of his thinking fall on prejudiced ears. I hate to add to the overhead, but I am going to suggest the discipline be removed from a one man position and replaced by a 3 person tribunal. All discipline would be reviewed by the tribunal and a decision with a written comment issued. Like the Supreme Court.

After all, each decision can affect the individual’s life and the economics of an entire hockey franchise. I’m sure the hope is that the players will police themselves as discipline is asserted. But I do think that at the speed of the game, there are always going to be things happening that shouldn’t or didn’t need to.

I’ve watched a few of the playoff games, and I hope you have also. Obviously they are hard fought as evidenced by the all the above, but they are pretty well played. The Cup seems to elicit players stepping up their play a notch. It almost seems that the gap between the “star” players and the others has narrowed. The cream still comes to the top, but the lines of demarcation seem to have narrowed.

Speaking of which, the playoff results have been a little surprising, and good for the teams that have pulled off the surprises. The Predators and the Blues closing out early [octopus throwers you can eat the remaining critters] and Florida, who didn’t have a chance, hanging in there.

Check the two links re: Red Wings & Avalanche. They like Columbus want big things to happen in the off season. We will hear from more teams by the by on  how they want to improve in the off season. Unfortunately it brings a saying to mind– “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”  — Kinda scarey!!

We want the cup


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