Yeah...Now THAT'S An Oh Sh*t Moment...(from Runt of the Web, 8 craziest oh shit moments)

Blue Jackets And The Oh No Moment...

You could just call them “Blue Jacket Moments

Well, I suppose it’s different for everyone.  Maybe your moment came early on.  Like a wall of bricks (heavy ones with sharp corners) mine buried me during the Toronto Maple Leaf game.  There were no more excuses or reasons or anything I could point to.  The ship was sinking…the train off the rails.  All any of us could do, fan or otherwise was sit and watch the carnage.


My pals who join me on this site know that I  will always–always–err on the side of optimism and hope.  For me, it’s been an exercise in cold hard reality, loyalty and  superstition…if I admitted something was really bad, did that make me one of the “haters”?  Does that take away from my love for this team?  No. Of course not.  But the feeling is pretty much like being a parent and watching some sort of event where you’ve got one of the more talented kids…but at that very moment when all the family has flown in to watch and you really want to impress the snotty neighbors…your kid falls apart and has one of “those” days.  Over and over…kind of makes you rethink all the money you spent on lessons.  Everybody soul searches when things fall apart.


Mark Letestu has been added to the line-up.  Could this be a response to someone’s Oh sh*t moment?  Another challenge awaits the Jackets tonight as the host The Blackhawks.  The great thing about an Oh Sh*t moment are the lessons learned.  The brick wall has already fallen on the Jackets

You’ve had your moment(s), boys…find your way out of the heap, learn the lessons.  Turn all this into the season’s best come-back story.



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