I may be one of the last bloggers to add my bit about Cannon Fest to the blogosphere…so sue me!  I had birthday celebrations to attend after the festitivites and there was an adult beverage to be consumed, so yeah, didn’t get to it last night.  It was great to see so many people I already knew, to actually MEET Mary O’Malley, my chief blogger and fan-in-chief, and see people I haven’t seen since my banishment for the past 6 weeks.  Oh, but moving day is coming soon, everyone, and then I can inflict myself upon you more regularly!

About the Fest itself:  what can I say?  Dedicated fans organized and arranged and did an outstanding job of making this a pre-season celebration not to be missed.  And it was on my birthday, have I mentioned that?  (Shameless plug for more birthday wishes here) so it was absolutely perfect.  The company was excellent and I’m sure the food was, too, although I was being too much of a social butterfly to actually eat.  You may notice this is one post that has no pictures, because I didn’t take any!  Yes, I do have a phone; no, I was too busy enjoying myself. 

I am fairly new to both the CBJ blogging community and to CBJ fan-dom, but the atmosphere was welcoming and electric.  From the impromptu chants “Let’s go Jackets” to the prizes to, of course, Tom’s amazing videos (yes, I admit, I teared up while seeing them), it was an afternoon which went by much too quickly. 

Compared to, oh, Montreal, maybe Columbus doesn’t have hordes of screaming fans, but we do have some loud and proud fans here in the Capital City.  Some dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic, and noisy fans who wear their CBJ stuff all year long.  I may have been one of the only people there without a shirt or jersey (my work shirt was in storage, its the only shirt I have to support the team!) or blue nail polish, or hockey puck earrings, or…well, you get the picture.  I couldn’t have been more proud of my team, my town, and the fans. 

I just maaaaay have driven by Rick Nash’s house afterwards, too.

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