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Does Your Draft Pick Have Size And Mild Psychic Power?

Have you ever gone into your kitchen, looked around in the ‘fridge, the cupboards and pantry trying to make a list of what you needed only to realize…maybe you needed everything?

Staples of a good kitchen include like, flour, salt, baking powder…you know, stuff that makes dinner a dinner.  If you only had flour but no baking powder you can pretty much count on your biscuits not setting up well and pancakes that really suck.  Even if you had top of the line flour, you still need all of the makings for a good dinner, starting with a well-stocked kitchen. 

Must Be Canadian Flour. Or Maybe Finland Flour...


There’s a mock draft on Too Many Men On The Site here at Fansided.  Today is my day.  Well, the Blue Jacket’s pick.  Can I be honest?  Even though this was a “pretend” draft, I realized something about me.  I had no idea what to do, even though it was pretty simple…”Here’s a list of potential players, Mary.  What are your team’s needs? Who fits best?” 

Well, any of you who read this regularly ( Dad and BFFs) know that I take the scenic route with everything I do.  I went off the list and found some Russian fellow with a really difficult name (but that would be kind of cool on a jersey) and what they described as, almost magical instincts on the ice.  Well, you don’t have to tell me twice to pick someone like that…a hockey player who has slight psychic abilities?!  Are you kidding me?!  That’s a no-brainer.  And then there was some guy who seemed like everyone else was just passing him up.  To me, that has “dark horse” written all over it.  That, and he is really fast.  Like hella fast…

So, I sent a note to Jared and Steve and asked what they thought of my picks and when they got done having a laugh and wondering what I was drinking that afternoon, gently asked why I couldn’t just follow along and pick OFF THE LIST and do this within the limits of our mock draft…

It was a friend to friend way of saying “You kinda suck right now” thing.  I get it.  I understand.  May I just tell everyone that as a fan and blogger of all things Blue Jackets, I have always taken players for granted?  They’re like tires.  They’re always there.  They need to be rotated or changed or filled with air, someone else does all that.  I just know I have tires and that makes me happy and secure.  Send me to the tire store to pick a few out, and I’m gonna be in a world of hurt. 

If You Buy Three Players, Would The Next One Be Free? With Lifetime Rotation And Balance? (Bing Images)

So, I decided to go with this fellow named Doug Hamilton.  And yes, he’s my pick.  I did see him before I chose the Russian, slightly clairvoyant boy.  I read his stats and bio.  Listen, the Jackets don’t need “staples in the pantry” so much as they need cohesion…just a chef or an organizer to make the most of the good things that are going to waste. 

He Has Size And Talent, But I'm Not Sure If He Has Magic...(Bing Images)

Hamilton has good size and talent…it would seem this boy isn’t afraid of playing physical, so another good thing.  I have no idea if he has mild psychic ability, but that sure would be a plus…

Check out the mock draft on TMMOS.

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