Twitter Rules?

Are there rules for Twitter?  Some sort of protocol that all of us should know about or some sort of unwritten code we should follow?  Along with following hundreds of friends?

I was going to the gym this morning listening to Mike and Mike on 97.1 The Fan, and they were talking about the same thing: Once you send a thought out there, it’s out there…even if you tweet again after having a “second thought” the first one is still out there and who knows how many times retweeted.  “Be careful what you say, for you may never be able to take it back.”  Made sense long ago, makes sense today with social media, such as Twitter…

I never wanted to do the “twitter thing” and really had no interest.  I have noticed that some people are at work, but they tweet all day long.  My job (at the time) wouldn’t allow that.  Tweeting about hockey on the other hand, is very interesting and loads of fun.  For example, one game this season where these fellas in spandex outfits were dancing and teasing every opposing player who ended up in the sin-bin.  As those of us watched from home, laughing and having a good time discussing it, those at the arena snapped photos and posted them via twitter.  One of my Twitter friends was traveling during that game and I described what was happening and where, and sent the retweeted the pic.  “Oh my gosh!  Those are our season seats!”  was the next tweet from these traveling Jacket fans…

These Fellas Were The Talk Of Twitter...(pic:Twitter Nation)

So, easy, fun and informative.  I’ve been thinking about Twitter protocol for some time now.  Twitter in general and for hockey fans.   Everyone already knows how things can get lost in translation with email.  The same can happen (and often does, I have noticed) with Twitter.   Depending on how fast the action is and how quick you respond to something, you can send out a Tweet like this, “I can’t stand that guy! What a dirty player!”  Meaning a bad hit or something, only to have it pop up right when the team hero scores. 

 Professional sports players have hundreds, more likely thousands of followers.  They’re more likely to send out “standard” tweets: “Here in Vancouver with the team, we’re having a great dinner.” Sami Lepisto is a master of social media, as he’s always sending out tweets and pictures.  I’ve used a few of his pics in my posts.  He’s also tried (in vain) to convert all the Blue Jackets to twitter. Jake Voracekhas resisted openly and made it clear he has no interest in Twitter.  (I love Jakers, but I can’t resist…) “I doan lak da TWEE-dur.”

Brassard, Tweeting At Dinner...And Upsetting Jakers. (Lepisto photo)

So, one person’s funny can be the unfollowing for another.  I’ve seen it many times…someone will tweet something and then not a minute later, the next tweet from said tweeter will say something  like, “I can’t believe I lost 2 followers! Really? It was just a joke…” 

Well, I’m kinda liking the Twitter. Er, excuse me…Da TWEE-dur.  I’ll continue to chime in here and there, even though hockey season is done for me and my team…I’m sure Sami will be Tweeting about something and just maybe, we’ll hear from Jake.

Guess what?  No matter what Jakers decides to do, you can always follow me.  Twitter@FiredUpCannon   and my compatriot, Joe Reader Twitter@OSUJoe  

Joe Reader, On A "Business" Trip, Drinking From A Doll Foot. (Gotcha pic, captured from, Mary)

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