Black (and union-blue) Hawks...This Looks Familiar

I guess I’ve turned the corner.  I’m a Blackhawk backer.  I’d like them to snap out of this inertia they’re in and play like…well, the Blackhawks.  And I must be just glutton for punishment because…it’s do or die for them now. 

Maybe it’s the Blue Jacket-esque thing the Hawks have going on right now.  The “So Close, but Still So Far”  deal that feels so familiar and uncomfortable.  You know what else is weird? The strange lack of cohesion and “dumping the puck” instead of playing it that was a frustration to every CBJ fan out there has come to rest on the Blackhawks like funeral pall.

There's Still Time To Tear This Off...

And here I thought these were Jacket-specific issues.  Right down to other teams’ voracious head-hunting demonstrations that go uncalled or undercalled.  All around “bad calls, missed calls” seemed to rain on the Jackets, and now it’s soaking the Hawks

So, now there’s the Raffi thing.  I don’t know if Raffi went “a-head huntin’ ” but he sure was reckless and careless.  Passion is one thing, being completely out of control quite the other. You’re hockey players and it’s a game….not gladiators thrown to the lions for hell of it.  Nobody needs to fight for their life in the playoff arena…until someone gets extra stupid and decides to take a head shot…but you know what I mean…

Possible Third Jersey Idea For Vancouver...(Image: Google)

Oh, Raffi…you didn’t do this crap when you were a Jacket.  Must be the company you keep now.  That, and you know Columbus fans or your team would’ve ran you out on a rail had you turned dirty here…

Hey Blackhawks…let’s go.  Please.  Get out of the Union Blue haze while you still can…And Vancouver…make it a fair game.  Play them…don’t decapitate them.

Vancouver Ice Girl? (Headhunter female: Google Images)

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