Our Dorsett On The Plane Coming Home From An Away Game. (Lepisto pics)

Dorsett In A Past Life? Once A Badass, Always A Badass?

It’s late in the season.  My beloved Jackets lost last night, and I lost a bet to the Mile High Sticking fellas.  Maybe I’m just a bit slap (shot) happy or unhappy, you might say.  But this has nothing to do with last night’s game or the upcoming game with the Coyotes.  It’s just some random crap I that I think about, and it just happens to have something to do with hockey.  Kind of.

Do you ever think about past lives?  Ever wonder if you sneaked into a castle as a wild teenage squire and got it on with a merry maid?  Not the cleaning gals, like… the ones that lived in castles…Maybe you ran a speak easy and robbed banks…maybe you lived a clean life and made pies all day.  Now have you ever imagined some of your favorite hockey players in past lives?

Could This Be Dorsett? He Looks Like He Could Still Kick Everyone’s Ass…(photo: police/justice museum)


 So let’s take a look at our number 15 now.  Dorsett in present day…compare and contrast.  See any similarities?

Our Dorsett On The Plane Coming Home From An Away Game. (Lepisto pics)


 Did we just see a ghost?  Or maybe that “Dorsett-ish Bad-ass attitude is something that can either get a body into trouble and arrested (pic 1) or When channeled properly and shined up real well, it can serve a man well in the NHL. (pic 2) 

As per discussion, said attitude can land a body’s ass in the slammer, or in a glass box for several minutes every game.  Depending on what star the young man was born under, you can get thrown in the hole for having a fist-fight, or paid really well for it.  So, however, whatever.  The spirit of Dorsett years ago…and perfected in the here and now. 

If I am lucky enough for this to ever make its way back to our #15 and he’s offended, I’ll buy him a steak or something.  That seems to make everything better with dudes.

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