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Avalanche Or Slight Chance Of Snow...

Forget the playoffs.  Forget slumps or exhaustion or whatever.  We play the Avs tonight.  Check out the opposition Mile High Sticking.

This Is What Happened Last Time We Met...We Got 'Em (photo: google)

Any chance I get to spread a bit of hate Adam Foote’s way, you better know I will.  I have been known to say (more than once, even…) “Once a Jacket, always a Jacket” and I feel that in my heart like all the CBJ faithful do.  On any given home game, stroll through Nationwide and count the jerseys with former Jacket names.  People still wear them proudly.  I guess anyone could argue that the damn things cost so much, it could say Pee Wee Herman and you’d wear it.  But you get it.

So THAT'S His Real Name...Can You Put That On A Jersey? (photo: Bing)

I was at Nationwide Sunday and along with all the Nash, Russell, Vermette and Umberber sweaters, there were many Malhotra’s, Chimera’s, Commodore’s and Shelley’s.  We love our players. Past and present.  We’re just as worried about Malhotra’s recent serious injury as Vancouver fans are.  Everyone in Columbus hopes Manny will recover quickly.   There’s one name you won’t find on jerseys at Nationwide.  If you wore it, it would be a quick ticket to having a beer spilled down your back or getting your ass kicked on the way back to your car.  Oh, Adam Foote…I really love to hate you.  You’ve earned every last glimmer of it.  You’ve knitted yourself on the hearts of every true Jacket fan as the biggest horse’s ass on the planet.

My good pals over at Mile High Sticking, C.J. and Stephen, are feeling a bit low at the moment.  Usually jovial and festive, the boys are suffering from NHL Season-Ending Depression.  I’m feeling their pain.  I’d offer to help, but that would be like the guy on the rotisserie yelling over to the guy all tied up in a big pot of boiling water, “It’s Okay, man…we can beat up these cannibals and swim off this Island…we’re good…”

Would That Be A Spoiler? (source: Bing)

I understand.  It sucks to see the season come to an end.  It sucks to see your team play like cats with socks over their heads…I’ve suffered thru this, the boys at MHS are suffering as well.  No pick up game of verbal shinny from us, but at least they made a bet, and I had to beg them.  They have committed the Queen Mother of all sins for hockey-fandom…losing hope.  Not that I’m gonna throw stones.  I’ve sinned.  I’m a big ol’ sinner sometimes.  I called funeral clothes the new spirit gear for the CBJ.  Am I sorry?  Well, no.  I’m just sayin’ I’ve sinned.  And no doubt, will again.  It’s Ok, boys…have your moment.  Just get back on your snowmobile soon.

MHS New Twitter Pic?

If the Avs lose tonight, they have to change their Twitter/blog pic to this for a day or two.  I was full of bravado…I have no idea what I’ll have to switch my pic to if the Jackets lose.  Unlike my friends, I continue to have hope.

Well, I wonder if Adam Foote will show up.  Seems like every time he comes to Nationwide he’s got an issue.  Like a pulled muscle, runny nose, broken nail, bad case of gas, an “undisclosed lower-body issue” that will prevent Mr. Foote from even showing up at the arena…maybe “no balls” syndrome? who knows… mild sore leg, ouchie somewhere…But maybe he’s different in his own house.  I wouldn’t blame the fool for not wanting to show his face at Nationwide.  What I can’t understand is how he gets a pass from any team after being such a dork-fish with us?

C.J. from MHS made a joke that if the Jackets lost, we give Upshall for Foote.  To be very honest, I wouldn’t trade that ugly mascot, Boomer for Foote.  He’s not even worth Bob’s tuna melt from the fridge…

Union Blue at Colorado tonight…late game…9pm

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